Centry connects concrete5 websites with a centralized portal. If you are a web development agency or contractor, this may be the tool you were looking for!

Centry comes in two versions; a shared version and a self-hosted version. The shared version ( comes with limited functionality, but can be tried for free. The self-hosted version provides all functionality and you get full access to the source code.

Getting started

To get started with Centry you need to install the free add-on.
It is compatible with concrete5 8.x and up.

Centry Add-on

Benefits of the self hosted version of Centry Portal:

  • Full access to the source code
  • All data kept on your servers
  • No usage restrictions
  • A lot more features (Scanning, Schedules, etc.)

Benefits if you also pay a monthly fee via the 'Basic' subscription:

  • Get updates via Github
  • Collaborate via Github

Screencast of scanning feature

Domain overview

Connected websites will show up in the domain overview. From there you can search and filter through the domains. The domain detail pages show various information about each website. For example which packages or blocks are installed, which pages haven't been approved, what the biggest files are, etc.

Sensitive information, such as file paths, is stored encrypted. If you don't want to synchronize certain information, you can disable specific API calls via Centry Add-on.

Overview of domains


Allow domains to be scanned for common flaws. Scans can be configured and set up to run against a page, or simply all pages. It is possible to schedule scans, allowing you to run thousands of scans automatically.

Scan Sets Example scan result


The scheduler allows you to schedule automated jobs. The schedules are send towards Centry Add-on, so they won't run via HTTP. The website self can run a custom Centry command (CLI) to run the schedules.

To make the scheduler work you have to set up a cron job that points to the Centry command and runs each minute. We have chosen this approach because it's secure, fast, and scalable.

Overview of the scheduler

Domain export

You can export all domains to a .csv file. It will show various domain data in each column, which makes it very helpful for integration with other tools.

Log overview

You can choose to synchronize log entries from Centry Add-on to Centry Portal. The log overview page allows you to filter and search through all the logs from the connected websites.

Overview of logs


  • Show additional data from 3rd parties that is retrievable via Centry

Updated on December 28th.


Centry Portal runs on Laravel, a modern PHP framework.

The following is needed to smoothly run the portal:

  • PHP >= 7.1.0
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Git, Composer, Yarn, NPM.

A Forge provisioned server would meet all the requirements.
The installation instructions will be provided along with the source code.


Centry Portal can be bought once and used forever. To receive upgrades and updates, you can subscribe to the "Basic" plan. You will then get access to a private Github repository together with other agencies and contractors.

Perpetual license: EUR 499 / Once
Optional updates: EUR 9.99 / Month (recommended!)
Optional hosting: EUR 15 / Month (recommended!)

For hosting we team together with DigitalOcean. We provision our servers with Forge. This is the highly recommended set up, but you are free to choose otherwise.

We want to buy Centry Portal, how can we proceed?

Please send the following information

  • Company information, address and VAT nr:
  • Hosting: we use our own servers / we want an environment to be set up
  • Our portal domain name is going to be:
  • Email addresses for Github access (max 2):
  • Super admin email address for the portal:

in an email to We will try to come back to you within 24 hours.


Software license agreement Centry Portal

This license agreement (“AGREEMENT”) is between you (“CUSTOMER”) (either an individual or an entity you represent), and Digia3 (“DEVELOPMENT PARTNER”, “we”). This AGREEMENT applies to all employees in CUSTOMER’s organization. By copying, downloading, or using all or any portion of the SOFTWARE, CUSTOMER accepts all the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT. If CUSTOMER does not agree to the terms of this AGREEMENT, CUSTOMER should not use the SOFTWARE. Dutch law is applicable to this AGREEMENT.


Software, the program, architecture, and source code of Centry Portal.

Version control system, an online platform where source code can be managed.

Upgrades, major version changes where potentially breaking functionality are added.

Updates, minor version changes, often consisting of multiple patches and fixes.

Fixes, changes for a single bugs or issues.

  1. Software license

Provided CUSTOMER complies with the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT and has paid the applicable license fee, DEVELOPMENT PARTNER grants CUSTOMER a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide, limited license to install, download, and run one instance of the SOFTWARE on a single website domain. CUSTOMER represents and warrants to have legal capacity to enter into the AGREEMENT.

1.1 Limited use. CUSTOMER may not transfer, rent, sublicense, assign, lease, load, resell for profit, redistribute, publish or share the SOFTWARE, without the prior consent of DEVELOPMENT PARTNER. CUSTOMER must not use the SOFTWARE other than as permitted by the license.

1.2 Copyright. The Software must retain DEVELOPMENT PARTNER’s copyright and proprietary notices that appear in the SOFTWARE.

1.3 Illegal activity. CUSTOMER may not use the SOFTWARE to engage in or allow others to engage in any illegal activity where the SOFTWARE is used.

1.4 Augmented code. CUSTOMER may modify, supplement, adapt, translate, or create derivative works based upon the SOFTWARE. Any modifications that are submitted to be merged into the codebase from DEVELOPMENT PARTNER, will become part of the AGREEMENT.

1.5 Backups. CUSTOMER may make copies of the SOFTWARE for backup purposes.

  1. Intellectual property, reservation of rights

2.1 Intellectual property. The SOFTWARE and any authorized copies that CUSTOMER makes are the intellectual property of and are owned by DEVELOPMENT PARTNER. The structure, organization, arrangement and source code of the SOFTWARE are the valuable trade secrets and confidential information of DEVELOPMENT PARTNER.

2.2 Ownership. The Software is licensed, not sold. CUSTOMER acknowledges that the SOFTWARE is the property of DEVELOPMENT PARTNER.

  1. Refunds

3.1 No refunds will be offered for the SOFTWARE, except as required by law or as otherwise stated herein.

  1. Warranty

4.1 DEVELOPMENT PARTNER hereby warrants that the SOFTWARE does not violate or infringe any 3rd party claims in regards to intellectual property, patents, and or trademarks.

4.2 No warranty. The SOFTWARE is provided without any warranty. Although DEVELOPMENT PARTNER attempts to deliver accurate, complete content and error-free software applications, occasional errors or commissions may occur in the SOFTWARE.

  1. Liability

5.1 Limited liability. To the extent permitted under law, the SOFTWARE is provided under an AS-IS basis. In no event shall DEVELOPMENT PARTNER be liable for any damage, cost, expense incurred by CUSTOMER as a result of SOFTWARE’s actions, failure, bugs and/or any other interaction between the SOFTWARE and CUSTOMER’s equipment, computers, or other software.

  1. Support

6.1 SOFTWARE is provided under an AS-IS basis and without any support, updates or maintenance. Nothing in this AGREEMENT shall require DEVELOPMENT PARTNER to provide CUSTOMER with support or fixes to any bug, failure, mis-performance or other defect in the SOFTWARE.

  1. Feedback

7.1 CUSTOMER may provide feedback, including for example feedback on usability, bug reports, test results, documentation, suggestions and ideas about the SOFTWARE. CUSTOMER agrees that DEVELOPMENT PARTNER may use this feedback in any way, including in future modifications of the SOFTWARE. CUSTOMER provides DEVELOPMENT PARTNER a perpetual, worldwide, fully transferrable, non-revocable, royalty-free right and license to make, use, modify, sell, license, create derivative works from, distribute and display any information CUSTOMER provides in the feedback.

  1. Upgrades, Updates, Fixes

8.1 DEVELOPMENT PARTNER will, from time to time, provide Upgrades, Updates, and Fixes to the SOFTWARE via an VERSION CONTROL SYSTEM. Access to this VERSION CONTROL SYSTEM shall be permitted to those who are subscribed to a monthly subscription plan.

  1. Subscription

9.1 To get access to the VERSION CONTROL SYSTEM where the source code is located, CUSTOMER may enable a monthly subscription. The subscription can only be enabled if CUSTOMER is entitled to use the SOFTWARE and has paid the license fee. Service begins as soon as soon the initial payment is processed. Subscription will continue without renewal notice until CUSTOMER cancels. Because there is no annual contract, the monthly rate is subject to change, but CUSTOMER will be notified of any change in the monthly rate with the option to cancel in accordance with these terms.

  1. Term & Termination

10.1 The term of this license shall be until terminated. DEVELOPMENT PARTNER may terminate this AGREEMENT immediately and without notice in the case CUSTOMER is in breach of any of the terms to this license.


The official changelog is published on Github.

2.x (Dec. 27th '18

  • Allow scanning of domains
  • Put scans in scan sets and link scan sets with domains
  • Run scans per scan set, per domain, or for multiple domains
  • Run scans automatically via a schedule
  • Show scan results on a separate page
  • Allow scan results to be marked as 'resolved'
  • Allow configuration of scans
  • Show details of a scan result in a dialog

1.1 (Nov. 1st '17)

  • Overview and filtering of logs

1.0 (Oct. 30th '17)

  • Overview and details of connected websites
  • Manage schedules to run automated jobs
  • Control account settings